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Wordless Wednesday-going green

February 16, 2011


Big plans!

January 31, 2011

Well, it looks like I might be home bound with my family the next two days. Snowmageden 2011 is well under way.But, I’m totally prepare. I have food, firewood, candles and crafts.

My plans included beginning my very first oil painting. Something that will be similar to this Laura from Country House painted Its beautiful, right? Check out those lamps too!

I also have a date with some supper cute bottles, a bird and 3 cans of spray paint!

I also have lot’s of felt o make a TON of felt flowers, for clips, pins, and headbands! Love this tutorial by Craft Snob!

The kids have their Valentine supplies!

Mitchell and Madison are making ipods. Ruthie and Reagan are making lollypop flowers with tiny bees that say “Bee Mine”

I’ll be working on making these for their teachers.

At the very least knock out Valentine’s. Maybe even get to work on boxes!


What’s your plan?

Wordless Wednesday

January 25, 2011






inspired by Mrs. Priss

middle school??

January 17, 2011

On Thursday, Matt and I are going to a parent meeting at the middle school.

I’m not ready. How could it be time?

How on earth did it happen?

Could my sweet dimple chinned baby really be old enough? (yes, those are overalls?!!)

surely not. Its as if he’s just turned one!

Did I blink?

Such a precious boy, full of personality and imagination!

Ready to leave the comfort of the school, where he knows all teachers and all children.

He’s ready to fly (with clipped wings of course 😉 )


I think I’m going to puke.

Cozy wreath!

January 6, 2011


I made a wreath!

I was inspired by  The Inspired Room!

I’ve been working on it bit by bit. I collected about 10-20 pieces of felt each time I went to the store. I got white, cream, and this fantabulous oatmeal color.

I folded the sheet of felt in half and traced big jar lid twice. I slowly started cutting on my get away from the kids free time. After they were all cut I stacked them mixed up, not in a pattern.

Then I cut a circle out of card board in the shape the wreath would be.

Next, take a needle and thread and start threading, right the through the center of each circle.

I tied it in a tight knot. Then I used craft wire in 4 places to strap the felt to the my cardboard circle.

Add some fun felty flowers and..

Waaalah! A cozy wintery wreath!

My dad is my hero!!

January 4, 2011

On New Year’s Eve a wicked storm blew through town. F1 tornado hit within a 1/2 mile of my house. Luckily our home sustained no damage.  We did however experience a power flash. We were able to restore power to our family’s pc (thanks to my dad for finding a super cheap place to buy power supplies!)but other problems also occurred. So Matt and I decided its best to replace replace it.

While trying to back up all my important docs and pictures they were all LOST! I was devastated. I freaked. My dad rushed over to see what he could help me with. We couldn’t figure out what happened exactly but I lost 18 months of pics.  The next morning dad called with good news! He found a free program on the internet that helps retrieve deleted files! He found my 18 months! As I type all files are being ever so smoothly loaded to my new PC!

Thank you, Dad! I love you!

Hearts to Santa

December 17, 2010

Every year during Christmas time I make Sugar cookies and the kids decorate them.







Through all the years my favorite cookie to decorate is the “Santa heart”.

All you need is a heart cookie cutter, red and white icing, red hots, M&M’s, and white sugar crystal sprinkles..

dab two dallops of icing on the rounded parts of the heart add a tiny dot to the point. Sprinkle with white crystals.

add some red icing ( I put mine in a zip lock bag and snipped the edge) for the hat and add a red hot for his nose and two blue M&M’s for his eyes.

Ho Ho Ho